Taking Chances

Tonight my PA did something incredibly risky.
Well, risky for me, not for her.
See, I used to write young adult paranormal romance. Now, I write adult contemporary romance. It’s a pretty big flip, but I’m more passionate about straight up romance than any other genre.
My book Barbed Wire Bandages is releasing February 9th and this is what my PA decided to do….
She sent the manuscript to all my favorite authors.
My rock stars.
The people I admire most.
So… I’m just over here. Hyperventilating.
Oh well. No going back now.

If you’re interested, I’ll post some book crap below. 😉

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/28590605-barbed-wire-bandages

After ten years in uniform, Garrison Beckett is back in his hometown of Till Park where he was relentlessly bullied as a teen. With two weeks to spare, a single suitcase, and one tattered invitation to his high school reunion, he’s ecstatic to show those who caused him the most pain just how far he’s come.

But that all changes the second he crashes into the fence surrounding Till Park Animal Sanctuary.

Bridget Warner is a lot of things: Hermit. Artist. Animal savior… and rehabilitated bully.

Her most tortured victim?

Garrison Beckett.

When the two former foes meet again, it’s clear that Bridget isn’t the cruel, vindictive girl she used to be, and Garrison is more than capable of handling himself after years of serving his country.

Together, they have to decide what’s more important:


Or a decade-long grudge that’s defined most of their adult lives.


3 thoughts on “Taking Chances

  1. I’m sorry if I seem a little ignorant, but what is a PA? I know of assistants for the entertainment business, but I didn’t know regular writers had them, or are they different than what I’m seeing in my head?


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